Use castor oil for thicker eyebrows: Nisha Desai

pic_02_240x240-1Make up artist, Nisha Desai, a pioneer in bridal makeup, has taught over 1000 students till date from India and around the world. Till date she has organized more than 25 fashion shows. In 2009, she sponsored the make over’s for Miss Mumbai which were witnessed by great make-up celebrities and renowned personalities from the Indian cinema.

Nisha Desai has also organized the first ever traditional bridal show in Mumbai in 2004. She has worked on over 5000 brides. Nisha has many Academies all over India which comprise of courses like personal grooming, bridal short courses, 3 days workshops, certificate bridal courses etc.

Nisha Desai answered Sify readers’ queries related to the above in an exclusive chat. Read the transcript below.

what lip color better for not drawing a lot of attention yet to archive a complete look, having said that I have a very dark lips
You can apply peach or light orange, use a transparent lip gloss. This will not highlight it much.

Hello Ms. Desai, I have an uneven skin tone, and the area around my lips and Chin is darker than rest of my face, how should I cover it for even tone
Apply crylon yellow base on full face and apply more on darker areas, and blend it well. Then you can proceed with your make up according to your skin type.

Any suggestion in make up for our cheeks to glow or look attractive. Regards and thank you Madam.
Blusher highlighter can be used after blusher.

How does the make up on celebrities look so different and attractive? Is it because its very loud or is it because of the type of cosmetics used?
They need to do the touch up regularly and its because of the lights and cameras also. They use high quality branded products. They also maintain a healthy skin type to go with a good body physique. All these reasons make them look attractive.

Should one focus and master on only one style of make up like bridal or may be fashion or do you advise that one should learn all types of make up techniques?
Yes you can learn all types of make up because they are all connected with each other. Even I try to teach all types of make up to my students like bridal, fashion, international and portfolio. You can visit me on or you can write to me on

How helpful are beauty workshops Madam?
Beauty workshops are for trained professional beauty experts. They are basically to guide on latest trends in beauty. So someone who wants to do basic beauty course should not go for beauty workshops because workshops require basic knowledge.

If I do a beauty course, could I also do cosmetology later? What is the scope?
If you want to do cosmetology then you can opt for it straight away. Why you want to waist your time doing beauty courses because it will be of no help in Cosmetology.

What all should I look for in a good beauty course?
Try to specialise in one field of beauty. If you are trying to master hair cut or even facials or any skin treatment, try to concentrate and specialise in in one aspect only. This will help you to be very successful in your field of work.

I am doing home science with arts. I am in my second year now. Would like to opt for a beauty course after graduation. I stay in Chandigarh. Please guide.
You can join a good institute in your city. If you come to Mumbai you can visit me. My website details are

There are lipsticks which might last all day. Are there lip gloss also that can last all day?
Yes they are available. But they last only for 4-5 hrs. Go for a good brand.

Madam please give one or two make up tips for college going girls.
Define your eyes with eyeliner or kajal pencil on upper eyelashes and inner eyes. Apply lip gloss with liner pencil.

And what shades should be used by fairer women, brighter or lighter?

Is it true that dark complexioned women should use darker shades in make-up?
Not necessary. Always apply to your skin tone. Go for a one shade down for day make up and one shade light for night make up.

My upper lip is very thin. How can I make it look fuller through make-up. What color lip liner/ lipstick is advised?
First you apply lip liner pencil for outer upper lip outline and lower inner lip line and then you apply any light colour lipsticks. This will make it look fuller and balanced.

What color blusher should be used for broad cheek line?
Medium dark shades or blusher cuttings set should be applied on the curve then should be merged with natural colours.

Good afternoon M’am. I have a double chi which is more prominent on the left side. Can I minimize it through make-up. If yes how?
You can use cutting product like nigro 1 crylon brand to cover it up and then start the make up.

And also how to make the nose look leaner and in shape through make-up? Thanks
Light brown eye shadow should be used to give good shape or nose cutting. And use a proper branded cutting product.

Is there any technique available today to grow hair on eyebrows ?
Use castor oil

Should I apply kajal or eyeliner if I have thin eyebrows?

What type of make up look goes best with thin eyebrows?
Highlight your eyes and use light colour lipstick. Use eyebrow definer as advised to give proper shape. You can also use a eyebrow pencil matching your eye brow hair colour.

pic_03_240x240-1I have very thin eyebrows Madam. This is from childhood. What is your advise to me to make them look fuller?
Use castor oil over the area before sleeping and before going out use eyebrow definer product.

What to look for in bridal cosmetics?
Good brands, Manufacture dates, cosmetics that are long lasting, take a professional advise before buying the cosmetics.

Do make up artists offer a trial before the main day?

My elder sister will be getting married later this year. What all should be considered M’am before hiring a make up artist for her?
Please check the make up artist’s portfolio, her experience, and always book a professional make up artist. Get some ideal skin treatment done atleast before 3-4 months of the wedding date. Also check the jewellery with the make up artist. Trial is a must with the outfit before the wedding.

Hi M’am.I want to know what is done first in bridal make up, hair or make-up?
Make up.

What no. brush is ideal to apply lipstick outline?
Don’t use a brush for outlining the lips. Please use a lip pencil instead.

What is to be done if we do not get the same colour lipliner?
Use Revlon 14 as a basic lip liner if you can’t find the same colour.

Wht way to apply lipstick? Does one need to necessarily outline the lips with a liner?
Yes always use a professional lip liner because it gives a nice shape to the lips and also prevents the lipstick from smudging.

Should one avoid eye or other make up if one goes for bright lip color?
No….. kajal is necessary

I really like vibrant coloured lipsticks like red, orange, bright purple. What kind of complexion exactly goes with bright coloured lipstiks? I am wheatish.
Mostly medium dark complexioned women carry these colours well. But even you could try mostly in the day time.

Nishaji I am very fond of smoky eyes, should it be worn only at night or could be altered and worn in the day time as well?
No, its always advisable during the night time. Only if you are doing a portfolio shoot it is advised.

What is better to be highlighted on the face, eyes or lips, if one decides on minimal make up?
You need to do both actually. But if you wish to you can decide on eye make up. It all depends and varies with one’s age too. I don’t know your age so can’t suggest you well enough. But if you are matured you can highlight your lips and if younger than probably your eyes.

What is the best to apply if one is fond of minimal make up?
Face wash, skin moisturiser and sun block lotion -3 times a day is advised. Drink lots of water for natural moisturising, eat healthy and facial exercise for skin tightening is also necessary.

I am a working woman. What make up can I wear regularly to office?
Casual make up is advised, only eyeliner and lip gloss could be used and may be a compact too. Peach and natural brown eye shadow, normal eye pencil and transparent mascara can be used with peach, pink or light brown lipstick.

How to select good eyelashes according to our eyes type?
Generally natural eyelashes are used for normal or bridal make up but celebs and models use fashion or colourful eyelashes.

What is your advise on getting a tattoo done? Is it safe in the long run?
It is safe. But consult a professional for the same and do not do it from anywhere

Generally also what kind of make up do you suggest for people with skin allergies?
Always use good branded cosmetics and that too not very old in manufacture or outdated.

M’am I want to know what make up technique is applied to brides with skin issues like acne or even skin allergies?
You can cover your acne or pimples with concealer and start doing your make up. There is no special technique as such.

What is better to apply before make up moisturiser or sunscreen?

I have slight dark circles below my eyes. Any advise how to hide them through make up?
Use a concealer to cover your dark circles and then start doing your make-up.

What is the right kind of make up for summer?
Don’t use foundation make up and use cream based make up and after make up always use make up fixer. And try to remain in air conditioned atmosphere.

Anything that should be avoided in a bride make-up?
Don’t apply moisturiser before bridal make up because it darkens the make up otherwise.

How long does it generally take for bride make-up Madam?
It generally takes 45 mins to 1 hour with hair make-up and wrapping.

What is the latest on the make up look for a bride?
High definition and 3d make up is in vogue.

Hello Madam. What is the most important thing to remember in bridal make-up?
Bridal make up should stay longer than usual. In Hindu weddings as the weddings are done in front of sacred fire professional brands should be used.