Video game addiction linked to sleep disorders in kids

Addiction to games is being blamed for increase in the number of young kids being hospitalised with serious sleep disorders.

NHS’ latest figures show that there were 5,992 appointments for kids to see a sleep specialist last year, which amounted to more than 100 every week, the Daily Express reported.

The data covered kids, who had trouble sleeping as well as those suffering from sleep apnoea, where breathing stops momentarily, or severe snoring.

The effects of a sleeping disorder on a kid can be severe with a suggested link to Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder and poor grades at school.

Child sleep expert Andrea Grace, said that the problem with looking at any screen when it comes to night time is that it gives people a kind of false energy.

In the evening, kids are often absorbed with computer games, TV programmes, texting their friends or looking on Facebook and fail to realise that they are tired.

She added that that they often feel a bit “wired” and have great difficulty switching off themselves and the devices in which they are playing.

Source: ANI