Vipul Medcare launches ‘H3U’ app for health sector

Vipul Medcare, one of the top pioneers in the health and wellness sectors in the Indian market, has launched an app that manages your health records and connects you to various health professionals and hospitals at a discounted price.

With the positioning ‘Health on Tap’, H3U aims to bring quality accessible healthcare to everyone and connects the users with the right healthcare partners all across the country.

The main idea behind H3U is easing the burden of numerous medical records and putting it on a tap of our hands. Along with this, it offers Medhealth cards which provide discounts on OPD consultations and at pharmacies. H3U also have partners with various hospitals to offer health checkups for all ages; starting from millennials to the older generation.

With H3U app, the users can avail free OPD consultations if they purchase the MedHealth card. The service is currently available in Delhi-NCR and will be rolled out by the end of the year all across other metro cities.

Users can already avail services at various top hospitals like Fortis, Apollo, Columbia Asia and other major hospitals.

“H3U eliminates the cumbersome nature of managing health records by organising it on one single app. With a wide number of urban Indians having smartphones and using e-wallets, the app acts as a one-stop platform for all your healthcare and wellness needs,” said director of Vipul Medcare Pvt. Limited, Vithal Beriwala.

“The products and services available in H3U are unmatched in the industry and can take care of all OPD requirements of an individual or family, ranging from consultations, health checks, day care procedures, pharmacy etc,” said vice president of H3U, Dr. Rashmi Yadav.

Source: ANI
Image Source: Twitter