Vitamin C essential to even out skin tone: Dr. Amladi


Dr. Sangeeta Amladi has over twenty years of clinical, academic and research experience in Dermatology, and has held positions as Lecturer, Associate Professor, Professor and Head of Department at LTMG, KEM and BYL Nair Hospitals in Mumbai.

Dr. Amladi as Medical Head of Kaya Skin Clinics leads a team of 300 expert dermatologists in India, the Middle East and Bangladesh. She brings with her a wealth of knowledge and expertise to enhance Kaya’s offering of world-class, safe and personalized skin care services. As Medical head, she ensures that advanced technologies are used to offer consumers customized skin care.

Sangeeta Amladi answered Sify readers’ queries related to the above in an exclusive chat. Read the transcript below.

Doctor, What are the Complications of Oral Leukoplakia after a duration of 10, 15 or 20 years? Is there any precautionary Medicine to cure or rather protect Leukolpakia?
if the condition has been confirmed as leukoplakia, it would be wise to visit a doctor and get it checked. there are many forms
of treatment which can be advised specific to your condition.

I am suffering from skin irritation, with burning and itching sensation, especially in the stomach, shoulder and back.
A really boiling hot water bath, clears the itching for some time but recurs. what to do.

you appear to be suffering from some form of urticaria – would need to take some oral medications like anti allergics, a soothing lotion like calamine lotion. avoid the hot baths since it will give only temporary relief – better to bathe with lukewarm water.

what food is good for skin glow?
lots of water and fresh vegetables, salads and fruits. avoid fried foods, junk or fast foods, or processed foods

what food is good for anti ageing ?
A diet which has balanced food groups, fluids, and vitamins/minerals/antioxidants. Foods containing vitamin C such as citrus foods, vitamin A such as carrots, etc are specifically good for the skin.

Is aloe vera helpful in anti ageing?
aloe vera has soothing moisturising benefits and will help in anti-ageing

I have a white patches in both legs, belly & in neck. Dr.s told it as VITILO. took medicine & exposed to sunrays. but no improvements. its been long 10 years. now my age is 35, male.
Vitiligo does take time to come under control. you could try UVB or PUVA phototherapy at a hospital or dermatology centre close to you. If the patches are stable there are some procedures which can be performed to get the pigment back.

I have a slight double chin. What is the best method to reduce double chin?
The best way is to incorporate a fitness routine and exercise and eat right.

I am 23 yrs female. Round face.How often should I go for facial massage?
at 23, you dont really need facial massages except for indulging yourself once in a while. they will not help to contour the face.

What is the right method for cream or lotion application on face?
take an adequate quantity ( about half a teaspoon) on the palm of one hand, and dab it in spots all over the face and neck. the spread it in gentle even strokes on these areas in an upward motion

Doctor I have 3 mole on my back. How to get rid of them?
Moles are usually harmless,and can be left alone unless causing a cosmetic or some other problem like pain or bleeding. Moles can be removed easly with radiofrequency or simple surgical excision

Doctor what is your take facial surgeries? Are they safe?
Facial surgeries need to be done for the right indication , and choice of the right doctor and technique is most important. Its best to have a detailed consultation to get realistic expectations of the results.

Over last four years have dark patch of skin on both the cheeks of my face and , sides of my eyes. peeling, creams tried but no help One doctor diagnosed it as acanthosis nigricans little chance of removal. Need your advise on the course of treatment
It will depend on your age, and whether it is associated with diabetes or insulin resistance. if you are young, this could be a familial tendency. any underlying medical problem needs to be addressed. skin treatments will consists of products, sunscreening, and a choice of chemical peels or pigment lasers.

Hello Dr.Sangeeta, Please give some tips for a day and night skin cleansing regime.
Depending on your skin type, choose products formulated for dry, oily or normal skins. the regimen is cleanse – tone (only if oily) – sunscreen during the day, and cleanse – tone – moisturise at night.

What should I look for in a good effective anti aging cream?
A good moisturising creamy product with effective ingredients which can even skin tone such as vitamin C, lead to plumping -hyaluronic acid, exfoliate and balance skin – retinoic acid, have antioxidants etc.

How does stress affect our skin?
In many subtle ways over a period of time – different types of stresses – personal, work, physical stresses, illnesses – are all at play during our lives. as they affect the body, so do they affect skin.

Please suggest a healthy skin regime for oily skin M’am.
An oil free cleanser, a toner ( preferably alcohol free), a light sunscreen with SPF of 15 would be good to incorporate as a daily skin care regime. keep hair similarly dry and clean with a shampoo and conditioner formulated for oily scalp.

Can all skin types use toner doctor? When is it best advised?
Toner is a type of deeper cleanser and should be used by those with oily skin. use twice daily after cleansing.

And what is the best way to get rid of facial hair permanently?
Permanent reduction of facial hair can be achieved with satisfactory cosmetic benefits by laser hair reduction.

What is the best way to get rid of hair on legs, hands and underarms, waxing,razor or electrolysis?
waxing and razor are temporary, electrolysis is permanent but time consuming and not suitable for large areas. Laser hair reduction would be more advisable.

How to select the best anti-aging cream or lotion?
This is a completely individual choice – its what is the best for you. depending on your age, skin type, environment, habits etc.

Do all three, oil, lotion and cream work in the same way as a moisturizer?
any of these can be used to moisturise; they are different forms of products. lotions are lighter and more suitable in summer and easy to spread over larger areas. Creams are suitable for any season and most areas of the body. Oils are sticky,more tolerable in cold dry weather

Dear Dr. Sangeeta, I am 26yrs female. Have this very bad problem of dark circles below eyes. What should I do to get rid of them? Pls help.
Dark circles are usually hereditary, and you may find many family members having them. it is usually not possible to completely get rid of them, but there are many products and treatments which can help to reduce the appearance significantly.Use a good dark circle cream, very mild cleansing, check if you need a service in terms of a chemical peel, laser or filler; also take good rest, eat well and hydrate yourself with water and salads.100_4793_240x240_jan06

Is it that we should apply a moisturizer before a sunscreen lotion?
Many sunscreens are themselves moisturisers, so check if the sunscreen itself is enough. if your skin is more dry, you can
combine both. use a moisturiser, and then apply a sunscreen last.

Dr. I want to figure out my skin type. How can I do this?
A simple way would be to check how it feels on touch – dry or oily, neither, or a combination of dry cheeks, chin, and oily nose forehead. Based on this you can classify your skin type as normal, dry, oily or combination.

What do you have to say about the variety of creams available for males today?
its good that males are also getting interested in skin care and grooming. the skin is exposed to many environmental assaults such as the sun, pollution etc, and its always good to be proactive in managing these.

Please advise something for male skin care.
The routine remains the same – Cleanse – tone – sunscreen – moisturise. toning is advisable for oily skin. You can choose products in above categories which are formulated for males.

Madam does the skin aging process vary between a man and a woman?
To some extent the appearance of aging could vary yes because there is a difference in the texture of skin in males and females, and also because of different environmental exposures and habits. however the internal process of aging remains the same.

How can one achieve a spot free skin?
Good regular sunscreening habits, a skincare regimen and a night cream which can help uneven tone and spots will go a long way to keep your skin spot-free.

Our neck is the most sensitive area I guess, how to prevent wrinkles there?
regular sunscreening, moisturising will help in preventing wrinkles on both face and neck. neck exercises should also help.

Why is it that some people get wrinkles only near lips or eyes which is also called as laughing lines?
These are typically called dynamic wrinkles or ‘wrinkles in motion’. hence occur at sites where a lot of movement occurs like eyes, forehead or laugh lines.

Is there something connected to our sleeping position as far as getting wrinkles on face is concerned?
This is a common belief that sleeping on any one side leads to us getting more wrinkles – this is not generally true for all individuals.

Hi Doctor. please tell me what is the best treatment for acne?
Acne treatment will differ depending on the stage of acne and the kind of eruptions – blackheads, whiteheads, red painful boils etc. the common forms of acne can be treated with antibiotic creams, benzoyl peroxide or retinoic acid creams; either singly or in combination. a good skin care regime is advisable – oil free cleanser, toner and a light sunscreen.

Doctor there are so many anti-aging treatments available today, which is the best?
This will depend completely on your individual skin type, your age, the condition of your skin and your habits and environment. you should choose one to suit your individual requirements.

What is your advise on Botox treatment?
its effective for managing wrinkles especially around the eyes and forehead; it works on wrinkles in motion. the effect of a treatment will last around 4-6 months.

As I am just 24 yrs now. What age should I start using anti aging products?
you can use right now, its never too early. the main product for you to use is a sunscreen daily.

I am 24yrs female. I have a problem of puffiness under eyes. How to get rid of it?
i would recommend good sleep, and check out your eyes for specs and eyestrain. use only good quality products on this area suited for your skin, as it is very delicate. a relaxing eye massage or eye treatment would help, as would cold eye pads with rose water or cucumber.

Is it true that aging of skin depends on our genes?
only partly… a lot of age related changes on the skin are because of external factors such as sunlight, chemicals, pollution etc. We can delay the signs of aging by protecting ourselves against these factors.

Dr. I am 36yrs female. I want to prevent my skin from wrinkles. Please guide.
A daily skin care regimen with adequate sunscreen use, mild cleanser, night moisturiser will help. also a good healthy balanced diet with enough of water and fresh vegetables, regular exercise and good sleep and rest.

How effective are peel off treatments? Can all skin types go for peel-offs?
if you are referring to peels, they act as exfoliators and work on smoothening the outer layers of the skin. Dry and sensitive skins need to be careful while using peels.

Which is the best cream or lotion to apply at night in winter? Can you suggest any essential content in a night cream?
A good moisturising cream that suits your skin type. Vitamin C helps in making the skin tone even.

What SPF is apt for normal skin type?
a minimum SPF of 15 is recommended for good sun protection. however, make sure your sunscreen has UVA blockers as well, and is a broad spectrum sunscreen.

Hello Doctor, I don’t get exposed to sunlight much as I stay indoors most of the time even at work. Do I need a sunscreen?
yes.. its not just direct sunlight that affects your skin. its ultraviolet radiation, which you can get indoors as well.

What is more better for skin sauna bath or steam bath?
either one could be of benefit – however, if you overdo, both could affect the skin adversely.

How often can one apply gram flour paste on the face for glow? Should something be added to it also?
use it sparingly, since it can also dry out and abrade the skin. make sure its of good quality. gram flour will intrinsically act as a natural scrub.

Does applying egg white on face helps in skin tightening?
egg white will give a temporary feel of tightening on the skin.

Can one use an under eye cream daily?
yes you can use an under eye cream daily – just make sure it suits you and is of good quality.

Is there any way that indicates toxins on our skin that lead to a dull skin?
there are many external and internal influences which can affect our skin – the common ones being the sun, pollution, diet etc. if we are affected by any or many of these factors, skin will appear dull, uneven, may be dry and develop signs of aging.

Madam please give some tips to prevent my skin in winter?
The skin tends to get very dry in winter hence i will recommend you moisturise it regularly, at least twice a day. use a soft moisturising soap. avoid any harsh treatments such as scrubs etc.