Walk 30 minutes a day to prevent diabetes: Dr. Ajgaonkar

Diabetologist, Dr.V. S. Ajgaonkar, has been practicing Diabetology for last 50 yrs. He is a Fellow at All India Institute of Diabetes. He has participated as Faculty Member in National and International Conferences. He has authored Diet for Diabetics and Handbook of Oral Anti Diabetic Drugs.

He encourages medical students to develop communication skills with the patients and relatives.

Dr.Ajgaonkar answered Sify readers’ queries related to the above in an exclusive chat. Read the transcript below.

What are the symptoms of diabetics and what should be the sugar level on fasting an PP?
Normal fasting should be less than 110 mg/dl after 2 hrs of lunch less than 140mg/dl.
The symptoms if occur would be like excess hunger, thirst, urination, blurred vision, repetitive change of eye glasses, frequent boils, infections and ringworms, tingling, numbness, burning of feet, cramps, aches is calves and thighs, delayed healing of wounds, itching in the private parts, etc.

How often should one check one’s child’s blood sugar levels?
There is no need to check a child’s blood sugar unless he shows symptoms like bed wetting, excess urination and inspite of eating more he tends to lose weight.

What kind of exercises do you advise to prevent Diabetes? Is walking for 20 mins everyday enough?
Preferably more than 30 mins is advised 7 days a week.

What age group is more susceptible to Diabetes 1 and Diabetes 2 ?
Type 1: Children Type 2: 30 yrs and above

Can a child get Diabetes even if he does not have a family history of Diabetes?
Yes of course!

Apart from salt and sugar intake, what other things needs to be kept a check on in our regular diet? What to avoid and what to include?
Include practically everything and avoid more of fried foods and concentrated sweets.

Sir how to increase immune deficiency?
See an expert please!!

How much intake of fibre is suggested on per day basis?
The quantum is not decided that day. Vegetables and salads are included in the main meals to enhance the fibre intake. Our normal vegetarian balanced nutrition carry enough fibre

With so much to read in tabloids today most of the experts suggest small portions of frequent meals for a healthy lifestyle. Should all meals be rich in fibre?
Preferably Yes!!

Does consumption of potatoes lead to Diabetes?
Any excess food can cause problems but not necessarily diabetes.

I am 60 diabetis 8 months. Early ,walking 30 min.. .Rice once in a week.Idly dosai breakfast chappathi+vegetables lunch.ragi dosai nite.taking XMET 500 1-1,EUREPA 1 -0-1-0,NEUROBION FORTE 1–.Inconsistent sugar level kindly guide
You haven’t mentioned your weight and height. You are not eating in between meals. Idly has been found to raise the sugar. Please visit a qualified dietician and a Diabetologist.

What is the effect of gestational diabetes on pregnancy and the birth of a healthy child?
In pregnancy the mother is likely to develop high blood pressure. While delivering the passage may get injured. As far as the child is concerned, a child weighing more than 4kgs can get injured too while delivery. And such children can have a low sugar, have jaundice or have respiratory problems, arm paralysis and brain injury.

How can gestational diabetes be prevented?
If there is a strong family history then one should not put on weight prior to pregnancy and one should be regularly physically active.

Does gestational diabetes most oftenly advance to Diabetes 2 ?
More likely if the person gains weight and in more stressful situations.

What are the common symptoms of gestational diabetes?
It may not have any symptoms. But in advanced stage it might show frequent urination, thirst, excess hunger, etc. That is why we conduct the test to detect the hidden gestational diabetes.

What kind of complications can occur by using birth control pills by Diabetic patients?
Birth control pills effect the metabolism and the cardio vascular risk increases.

How to control the risk of premature menopause due to Diabetes?
See an expert.

Please give normal blood glucose levels for healthy 30 plus women.
Normal fasting should be less than 110 mg/dl after 2 hrs of lunch less than 40mg/dl.

Please guide on my daily nutrient intake to avoid Diabetes?
One has to take breakfast. Muesli, oats and whole wheat flakes. Gujrati khakras. after 2-3 hrs take a fruit. lunch have more salads and sprouts and limited amount of chappatti or rice. Tea time, tea without sugar plus a khakra or 3-4 plain biscuits. By 6-6.30 have a fruit ot chana kurmura. Dinner you should avoid rice and before going to bed have a cup of milk with few nuts.

Should women with Diabetes breastfeed their babies?
Yes definitely.

I am 33yrs female. How often do I need to check my blood glucose levels in a year?
Atleast once a year and preferably after your usual full meal.

Does excess fat around the midsection of one’s body linked to Daibetes 2?
Yes very much !!

What is that one thing that should be done everyday to prevent any kind of Diabetes?
Foe Type 2 regular physical activity and a proper healthy diet is advised.

Is it that if I always remain slim I will never get Diabetes?
Not necessary. It depends upon how strong is your inheritance. As witnessed that a seed of peepal or banayan tree if falls anywhere, starts growing. But this though should not deter anyone from a healthy lifestyle.

How many tsps of sugar consumption on daily basis ( In tea / coffee/ etc.) would you suggest for a healthy living?
2-3tsps per day is enough.

Type 2 Diabetes was only common with adults earlier, why is it that it has also catching up with children today?
Because of our faulty lifestyle. Sitting in front of Television and computers for long. Being habituated to late night parties, soft drinks, fried and fast foods, and competitive stress to perform better in exams are the various reasons which should be controlled by the parents.

Do environmental factors also contribute to Diabetes?
Not to a great extent.

Is it true that women are more prone to Diabetes than men?
In the western countries I could say Yes. But not significantly in India. Women are getting more prone to Diabetes due to the sedentary lifestyle.

I am 37yrs male. My family history does not indicate Diabetes. But I want to know care should be taken by people with advancing age to prevent Diabetes?
Yes. Care should be taken for simple reason. Family history is generally not clear. As elderly people ignored their ailments and die early with some infections or the other.

Can we keep a check on our blood Glucose level at home? How?
We do get meters now, with the help blood glucose monitors we can keep a check at home. Another thing that is available is the continuous glucose meter monitor which can estimate your blood glucose 24/7.

Is there a permanent cure to Diabetes 2?
No. there isn’t. It can be controlled but not cured.

I have heard that emotional and physical stress causes high blood sugar. If yes then how?
Yes. Due to stress the stress hormones are secreted more relasing the sugar from the liver into the blood stream. Weak pancreas is not able to handle this excess of sugar. Thus giving rise to Diabetes.

What modifications can be done in one’s diet for Diabetes prevention?
One should eat little and often. Include more fibre in the diet. Avoid fried foods and concentrated sweets. Make use of whole cereals and not refined cereals. Fruits are advised but not fruit juices. Nuts in little amount are welcome.

Doctor does fasting once or twice a week instigate Diabetes?

How can one prevent the onset of Diabetes Sir?
Onset in Type 2 is possible. Proper diet, regular exercise and a healthy lifestyle can help and atleast postpone the onset of Diabetes.

What is the basic difference between Type 1 and Type 2 Diabetes?
Type 1 is due to insulin deficiency and Type 2 insulin is unable to act on the cells and the effectiveness is reduced.

Is it that if one has mithai or sweet everyday he will get Diabetes at some stage of his life?
Not necessary. But more likely.

What is the actual cause of Diabetes?
Type 1 Diabetes occurs due auto immunity which means the defencive mechanism against the germs in the body sometimes attack themselves. Type 2 is usually genetic. Occurs due obesity, stress, sedentary habits, etc.

what food is good for a daibetic person.
Every food is good but the amount of food matters. Fast food, soft and hard drinks should be avoided and sugar in small amount is recommended.

how to control diabetes.is medicine enough
To control Diabetes its not only medicine but lifestyle changes are very important.