Want to lose weight? Eat dark chocolate!

It might be considered a sinful pleasure, but the fact is that chocolates help lose weight and improve health.

These revelations were made by Victoria University researcher Lily Stojanovska in the book `The Chocolate Diet: How to eat chocolate and feel great about it`.

`We set out to dispel the myths about chocolate and help chocolate-lovers realise they don`t need to feel guilty about eating it,` said Stojanovska, who co-authored the book with with John Ashtona.

How chocolates protect against heart disease

`We are not saying you can eat a family-size block of just any chocolate,` she said. `It must be good quality, dark chocolate in moderate amounts, and the bitter the better.

`Most chocolates that contain 75 percent or 85 percent cocoa are usually more bitter than the sweeter milk chocolates that contain a lot less cocoa.`

The book says good quality dark chocolate contains the antioxidant epicatechin which increases the rate at which a body burns fat, suppresses the appetite and contains more than twice the antioxidant levels found in red wine.

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