Want to stay fit? Just keep a pet pooch

People who own dogs are significantly more likely to exercise than those without a canine companion, a new research has revealed.

According to a research done in Western Australia University, dog-owners walk an extra 55 minutes a week.

“If you have a dog as your walking partner it’s a great motivator because a dog is never too busy to go for a walk,” the Daily Telegraph quoted Heart Foundation CEO Dr Lyn Roberts as saying.

The study found that more than 60 percent of dog owners achieved the recommended 150 minutes of physical activity a week – significantly higher than the general population.

Sydney dog-owner Susie Willis, a spokeswoman for the Petcare Information and Advisory Service, said that her Australian shepherd Dixie was the reason she walked every day: “It’s one of those things that motivates me,” she said.

“We know that pet owners are happier and healthier than non-pet owners and dogs in particular encourage their owners to participate in physical activity,” she said.

Source: ANI
Image: Flickr/ceiling