Watch: 3 simple yoga asanas for office goers

Shammi Gupta, Certified Yogic Therapist and Naturopath from Yoga Vidya Niketan, demonstrates 3 simple yoga postures for office goers. She has completed her Yoga & M.A. in Yoga and also MBA in Finance & HR from The University of Akron, Ohio,USA.

These 3 asanas which involve stretching are modified for office goers and can be done with the help of a chair. These asanas will bring relief to your stiff back, legs and neck.

Back & Neck Stretch
In this video, Ms. Gupta demonstrates a Back & Neck Stretch. This stretch will help you to release strain from your lower back, as well help stretch your chest regularly thereby improving your lung capacity.


Yoga for office goers: Raised Hand Stretch
This helps improve breathing capacity. strengthens arms and neck and is also helpful in cases of cervical spondilitis and asthma.


Yoga for office goers: Uttanasana (Two variations)
In this video, Ms. Gupta demonstrates two variations of Uttanasana. Sitting for long with legs in the same position not only strains the legs but also the lower and upper back and hands. This yoga asana helps relax these muscles and brings relief to back pain and body stiffness.


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