Ways to boost your self-esteem revealed

Two Huffington Post contributors have brought out 11 ways in which people can boost their self confidence in one hour or less.

Firstly, people should sit up straight, as research has suggested that people having good posture have more confidence in their thoughts.

Secondly, people should wear a good perfume, as a study has found that women felt more confident in social, business and romantic situations when they wore a perfume, the Huffington Post reported.

Thirdly, people should carry good luck charms, as a study has shown that embracing superstitions and carrying good luck charms can help people perform tasks better.

Fourthly, people should nod their head while listening to someone, as research has shown that your belief in what you’re thinking is heightened.

Fifthly, people should smile, as social psychologist Laura Kray, PhD, has shown that smiling, laughing and engaging in slight physical contact when negotiating could help win the day.

Sixthly, life and business strategist Tony Robbins practices a unique ritual, he shakes his body, clench his hands like claws, and rocks back and forth, breathing in and out quickly. Then he stops moving, then shakes his body again and claps and shouts “Yes!” five times before he goes out to face the world.

Seventhly, a person should strike a “power pose” for two minutes, they should think of Wonder Woman, with her feet flat on the ground, shoulders square, and hands on her hips. This can help feel people 40 percent more powerful than sitting with their arms crossed.

Eighthly, people should focus on their breathing, as people who regularly practice Buddhist mindfulness meditation have reported raise in self-acceptance.

Ninthly, 100 mg of caffeine has been shown to increase alertness, energy and confidence.

Tenthly, a 20-minute workout can sharpen your state of mind for a whopping 12 hours.

Lastly, Carol Dweck, PhD – professor of psychology at Stanford University – said that a well-chosen array of objects can give people a major morale boost provide that they can keep them hidden away in a drawer or on a bookshelf.

Source: ANI
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