Where`s the salt? Hidden in your Thanksgiving menu

No need for a salt shaker on the Thanksgiving table: Unless you really cooked from scratch, there`s lots of sodium already hidden in the menu.

Stealth sodium can do a number on your blood pressure. Americans eat way too much salt, and most of it comes inside common processed foods and restaurant meals.

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The traditional Thanksgiving fixings show how easy sodium can sneak into the foods you`d least expect. Yes, raw turkey is naturally low in sodium. But sometimes a turkey or turkey breast is injected with salt water to plump it, adding a hefty dose of sodium before it even reaches the store — something you`d have to read the fine print to discover.

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From the stuffing mix to the green bean casserole to even pumpkin pie, a lot of people can reach their daily sodium allotment or more in that one big meal unless the cook employs some tricks.

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