Why apple juice can be unhealthy

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If you or your family drinks juice, here is some advice from nutrition experts:

  • Choose a juice fortified with calcium and vitamin D-3.
  • Give children only pasteurized juice – that`s the only type safe from germs that can cause serious disease.
  • Don`t give juice before 6 months of age, and never put it in bottles or covered cups that allow babies and children to consume it throughout the day, which can cause tooth decay. For the same reason, don`t give infants juice at bedtime.

Why you should include fibre in your diet

  • Limit juice to 4 to 6 ounces per day for children ages 1 to 6, and 8 to 12 ounces for those ages 7 to 18.
  • Encourage kids to eat fruit.
  • Don`t be swayed by healthy-sounding label claims. `No sugar added` doesn`t mean it isn`t full of naturally occurring sugar. And `cholesterol-free` is silly – only animal products contain cholesterol.

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