Why safe motherhood is important

1-240x240 (2)“Birth is a rite of passage of women. Their journey should be honoured,their rights should be fiercely protected, and their stories should be shared” – Marcie Macari

For every woman the biggest dream is to become a mother and that too to have a pleasurable journey to pregnancy and motherhood.

Babies are biggest gift to mankind, the bundle of joy. Safe motherhood is a woman’s ability to have a safe and healthy pregnancy and delivery.

Nearly every minute, one woman dies from the complications of pregnancy and childbirth. That is more than 500,000 women dying each year; 99% of these deaths occur in the developing world.

To prevent this mission is to improve quality and value of maternity care through consumer care and health system transformation.

Our aim should be to protect the normal physiological processes of woman’s reproductive life cycles. To safeguard both physical and psychological aspects of natural child birth. This is a woman’s right issue to have a healthy and safe reproductive choices.

Every woman has the right to freedom during labour and give birth, in position of her choice.

What leads to unsafe motherhood?

  • Long or short term illness: As many as 300 million women are suffering from physical ailments related to pregnancy and childbirth.
  • Infant mortality: Currently in india the infant mortality rate is still very high
  • Family poverty

How can we make motherhood more safe?

  • Proper nutrition before and during pregnancy
  • Reduced workload during pregnancy and after delivery
  • Knowledge of the signs of life-threatening complications before, during, and after delivery and where/when to seek appropriate care.
  • Planned delivery with a skilled birth attendant.
  • Essential obstetric care for management of complications.
  • Postpartum family planning counseling and contraception.
  • Post abortion care.

Safe motherhood is about mutual concern for the care and wellbeing of the mother’s babies and families. Aim should be to promote safe effective and satisfying evidence based maternity care for all women and their families.


Dr. Zinal Unadkat
Pediatrician and Lactation Consultant

Dr. Zinal Unadkat is currently working in Neon Critical Care & New Born Intensive Care Unit as Neonatal Intensivist and Lactation Counsellor.

After having 11 years of experience in attending deliveries and catering to babies she has developed a passion in helping mothers breastfeed. She has been certified as an Lactation Consultant in July 2009 by IBCLC. She has conducted various workshops with WHO AND UNICEF under the guidance of BPNI Maharastra to improve the malnutrition rate of India.

She provides consultation to breastfeeding mothers with low milk supply, nipple problems and abnormalities, engorgement, mastitis, breast abscess, low birth weight and preterm babies, tongue tie, breast refusal, twins, working mothers and relactation.