Why you should wear workout gloves

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A healthy balance of cardio and strength-training is recommended to most newbie gym-goers. But, within a few days, you will notice your hands developing calluses. Investing in a pair of good workout gloves is a good idea. Here’s why you must get yourself a pair of gloves pronto:

Reduces Calloused Hands
While some guys feel proud of their hard, calloused palms as they are of their perfect triceps or abs, calluses are a painful situation. It is inevitable for hands to get blistered with regular weightlifting. Fresh blisters and calluses make further weightlifting agonising. Also, your palms can be sore throughout the day. Using weightlifting gloves makes a lot of sense to prevent this condition.

Better Grip
You sweat excessively while working out. Even those who do not perspire too much will have moist, clammy palms. This prevents you from getting a good grip at the weights or equipment you are training with. Sweaty palms will make the weights slip out of your hands. It’s not a risk worth taking when you are lifting heavy equipment, especially since you can grievously injure yourself. Weightlifting gloves help in absorbing moisture and making your workouts safer.

Minimise Pressure
Most people’s chest and back muscles can handle a lot more pressure than their hands can support. There’s only so much pressure your bare hands can bear. Weightlifting gloves absorb pressure when you are lifting heavy weights. Wearing gloves increases your hands’ capacity to bear pressure thus facilitating a better workout.

1-240x240Supports Wrists
Most weightlifting gloves have attached wrist bands that you wrap close to your palms around your wrists. This helps provide support to your wrists while lifting heavy weights. The material of the gloves acts like ligaments when you bend your wrist backwards, eliminating the risk of injury during workout. It also gets rid of undue stress on your arms.

Better Lift
Weightlifting gloves with wrist straps distribute the weight being lifted across the forearms evenly, instead of letting your fingers do all the work. When you wear gloves you will notice yourself performing better with weights that you were previously unable to lift with your bare hands. Think dead lifts and upright rows.

This article was originally published in The Label: Why you should wear workout gloves