Women working night shifts at high risk of heart disease

Women who do shift work may be at increased risk of heart disease, according to a new study.

Women hospital staff working night shifts may be compromising their own health as they try to improve the health of patients, said Dr. Joan Tranme who investigated the connection between shift work and risk factors for heart disease in female hospital employees, who worked both shift and non-shift rotations.

As a former nurse familiar with shift work and because of her concern about the health of the female hospital work force, Tranmer questioned whether late nights were taking their toll on the health of her fellow hospital employees.

Dr. Tranmer studied 227 women ranging in age between 22 and 66 from two hospitals in southeastern Ontario.

The study included not only nurses but also a variety of staff, including administrative employees as well as lab and equipment technicians, who worked a variety of rotations.

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