Workout ideas to keep fit if you have a desk job

img_5_240x240aug10Make your commute a workout or take the stairs if you are unable to hit the gym to stay in shape if you spend most of your day attending to a desk-bound job, says an expert.

Ankur Sharma, platinum personal trainer, Fitness First, suggests how:

* If you live closer to your office, then it’s better to walk, jog or cycle. If the office is far, try getting off the public transport a few stops earlier than your actual office stop or park your vehicle in a parking lot that is little far away so that you can walk for a few minutes.

* Go for the stairs instead of the elevator: Don’t think about the extra effort, it will have its benefits as well. Climbing stairs is the best exercise. Try doing it in the morning when you reach office, in the evening while leaving and whenever you are going for a meeting to a different floor. It will improve blood circulation, thus burning a lot of calories.

* Try a few simple exercises in the office itself.

Stretching: Stretch your hamstring, gluteus and chest while sitting on your office chair to avoid muscle tightness caused due to long hours of sitting.

Stability: Single leg standing and pelvic bridge are the best exercises to gain stability.

Strength: Squats on office chair and wall pushups give strength to your body.

Source: IANS
Image: Getty Images