World Cancer Day 2015: ‘Not beyond us’

136597458-1-240x240World Cancer Day is marked on 4th of February every year to raise awareness on prevention, detection and treatment of cancer. World Cancer Day was initiated by the Union for International Cancer Control (UICC).

The main aim of such a day is to encourage people to be aware of cancer and stop deaths by cancer by 2025. Click here to read about the targets that are to be achieved by 2025.

The tagline for the year 2015 is ‘Not beyond us’ which is a positive and proactive message. Solutions and treatment are well within our reach and there is a necessity to spread this strong, empowering message to one and all. Cancer isn’t an incurable disease and people assume that there isn’t treatment available when in recent times with the advancement of technology, treating cancer has become a reality.

The key areas of focus under this tagline are:

Healthy Life Choices: Making healthy lifestyle choices are important. This can help lower the risk of cancer. The challenge is to empower individuals with the right to good health, to make them understand the benefits of good health and hazards of lack of physical activity, poor food quality, consumption of tobacco and other harmful lifestyle changes.

Early Detection: Early detection is important to treat cancer effectively. It is important to ensure easy availability of and access to early detection programmes for all types of cancer. It is also essential to raise awareness among people on the programmes available for early detection and in some cases like breast cancer, it is important to raise awareness on self diagnosis and guide individuals on how to take help for further diagnosis.

Treatment for All: It is important to bring about equality in treatment and right to access quality and effective treatment for cancer without economic hardships across all countries.

Quality of Life: When an individual has cancer, it is essential to create a right environment for them. Cancer comes with a lot of physical, emotional stress and pain which hampers a person’s healthy lifestyle. It is important to create the right kind of environment at home, at workplace and at school. Not only people with cancer, but also their caregivers need care during treatment and post treatment.

People with cancer and their loved ones who take care of them need to be educated on the effects of cancer and the side-effects of treatment.