Yoga asanas to ease headaches: Ms. Sangeeta Jhunjhunwala

img_7_240x240june24Sangeeta Jhunjhunwala is a Mumbai based Yoga Therapist who has been practicing and teaching Yoga since the past 15 years. She has completed her Yoga Education and Teachers Training Diploma from the Kaivalyadhama Yoga Institute in Mumbai.

A staunch believer in one of the oldest and purest form of Yoga – Asthanga Yoga, she has been taking workshops for treating and managing chronic diseases such as high blood pressure, back pain, diabetes and stress.

She believes Yoga is for everyone and has also volunteered to help autistic children in Sadhana School at Breach Candy through her Yoga workshops.

Ms. Jhunjhunwala answered Sify readers’ queries related to the above in an exclusive chat.

I am slim but my stomach belly is large how to reduce it
You can do paschimottanasana, hastpadasana, ardhhalasana, pawanmuktasana and kapalbhati kriya, BUT UNDER EXPERT SUPERVISION. Also control your diet.

Can we do Kapalbharti while walking after breakfast ?
Firstly never do it while walking and secondly only do it empty stomach.

I have BPH (enlarge prostate) is there any Yoga to control it
Under the expert supervision you can slow down the process but not reverse it. You can do more of relaxation asanas like Savasana makrasana and parvatasana along with anulom vilom and brahmari.

I am 63 and have HBP + Diabetic : Please advice how to control
Along with your medication you can do certain asanas for diabetes like vakrasana mandukasana paschimottanasana gomukhasna yogmudra ardhmatsyaendrasana and basic pranayamas but only under expert supervision. And for HBP you can do more of relaxation asanas like chanting of AUM and pranayamas.

I am diabetic on tablet and insulin ; can you please guide how to control sugar through natural way by yoga
Along with your medication you can do certain asanas like vakrasana mandukasana paschimottanasana gomukhasna yogmudra ardhmatsyaendrasana and basic pranayamas but only under expert supervision.

i am 48 male is any yoga for curing HIV patient
You cannot cure HIV with yoga but you can certainly help the HIV patient to lead a better life with yoga.

I regularly practice yoga for 20-30mins. What types of yoga postures should be avoided during menstruation?
Any yoga poses which constraints your abdominal wall and the asanas like surya namaskars and kapalbhati kriya should be avoided.

Can I do yoga even in the evenings after 7pm?
Especially pranayamas should be done in the mornings and asanas can be done in the evenings as well provided your stomach is light or empty.

Is it fine to have an apple half an hour before starting yoga in the morning?

My sister in law’s son 7yrs old has speech problem. His parents have not opted for any kind of speech therapy yet. Can yoga help him?
It can help along with speech therapy. Consult an expert.

Can Kapaalbhati be done everyday, even during the menstrual periods?
No not during the menstrual periods and the persons suffering from back problem, cardiac dysfunction and high blood pressure should avoid doing kapalbhati kriya.

Would kapaalbhati help me lose my stomach fat too?
Yes it will.

Should one necessarily be empty stomach before doing Kapaalbhati kriya?

How can I get rid of depression through yoga?
You can start basic asanas by which the blood flow to your nervous system becomes better. Pranayamas like anulom vilom, ujjayi and brahstika with positive approach is advised.

Is it necessary to follow satvik food with yoga to get better results?
Its always better to eat satvik food with yoga. It helps your digestive system work better. along with your mind.

What simple yoga asanas can help to ease out headaches or migraine?
There are certain cleansing kriyas like jalnati sutranati dunddhoti. There are asanas like yogmudra chakrasana gomukhasana and pranayamas anulom vilom, brahmari which can help to reduce or even combat headaches completely.

Are there many kinds of yoga?
Yoga is one mentioned by Patanjali but many teachers have modified it different ways.

I am worried. My daughter is 15yrs 8 months old. She is just 4feet 5”. What type of yoga exercise can increase her height .
There are some asanas which can help to activate her hormonal level as well as strengthen the spinal column like Tadasana chakrasana paschimottanasana bhadrasana and suryanamaskar. But please make her do it under expert supervision.

Like Savasana to end a workout, is there a yoga pose to begin a workout?
You can start with a small prayer and little bit of meditation that is balancing your mind body and breath. Then from asanas one can lead to pranayama.

As savasana is supposed to be the relaxing pose physically and mentally. How can I track myself of doing it for the right duration?
Once you realize that your physical and physiological self is relaxed that is the breathing pattern becomes suttle and the thought process ceases, and you tend to feel energized and fresh, that is the time when one should come out of the Savasana slowly.

What is the right method of doing Savasana?
Lying down, letting your body loose (physical body) and being aware of each and every part of your physical body, letting the tightness and tension release, then from the physical body you go to the physiological body through your breathing and relaxing your mind just observing and letting the thoughts go away.

Madam I want to know the importance of Savasana. Is it very important to do Savasana at the end of yogic exercises?
Savasana is very important as it helps to calm down your nervous system, your mind and the activities beyond it. So it is one of the vital part of Yoga.

Can one start with ashtanga yoga right away or needs to master the basics in yoga first?
Ashtanga yoga is not only about the asanas. It is the basic yoga and with practice one can progress.

Please tell me about the basics in ashtanga yoga
Ashtanga yoga has 8 steps in it called Yama, niyam, asana, pranayama, pratyahar, dharna, dhyan, samadhi, which helps in mind body and spirit.

also pl name some easy yogasanas which will keep me healthy and fit. thank you.
Tadasna, chakrasana, paschimottanasana, bhadrasana, shashankasana, viprit karni and basic pranayam along with it.

i am 44 yr female. i have been doing yoga since i was 16yrs old but only the basic yoga asanas and not the tough ones. i do skip them when i am out of time. Kindly tell me how many minutes of Yoga everyday would be ideal for me at this age?
From half an hour to one hour should be fine. To keep healthy and mentally fit one does not need to do the tough asanas.

I have heard that there are yogasanas which can help in hair growth. Is it?
There are asanas which help in blood to flow towards your brain or head which can enhance the roots of hair. Topsy turvy asanas like Shishasana, sarvangasana, viprit karni, halasana can help.

I am 39yrs with no health issues. What type of yoga is best for weight loss for me?
Suryanamaskars, paschimottanasana, dwichakrasana, repitition of the asanas called the naukasana-like rowing the boat, chakkiasana- like grinding the grains clockwise and anti clockwise seated with legs apart.

I am looking out for 7-8kgs weight loss.Can yoga alone help me in weight loss?
As an exercise programme it will help but you need to take care of your diet along with it.

Is it true ma’m that yoga is so safe that it can be practised by anyone?
Yes but in certain cases you need to modify the asanas or the pranayamas to suit one’s body constitution.

My father 57yrs, has asthma and high blood pressure problem. What yogasanas can help him?
There are asanas for the lungs and the respiratory tract like parvatasana gomukhasana and yogmudra and pranayamas anulom vilom and brahmari. For high blood pressure chanting of AUM and certain pranayamas like shitali, shitakari and chandrabhaiden prenanyama is suggested but only under expert supervision.

Should the yogasanas never be practised under the fan or in an airconditioned room?
It is advisable not to do it in an extreme climate. It should be done in a place with proper ventilation, one can let the fan be on but not directly under it.

Can I sip water in between yoga workout?
Yes sipping water is not a problem.

img_13_240x240june24Hi. Are there any rules to follow before, during and after doing yogasanas?
Preferably empty stomach before you start. The asanas should be done under expert guidance and practice the asanas with full concentration and awareness. After yoga one should eat after 15-20 mins.

What asanas are best or shoulders and deltoids?
Rotation of your shoulders both clockwise and anti clockwise and stretching of your upper back muscles. Tadasana, chakrasana standing and lying down. Then there is brahmamudra-rotation of your neck in all 4 directions.

I am female 37yrs. I practice Bhujangasna, Shalabhasna and Dhanurasna to strengthen my back muscles. Are there any other asanas that you suggest for Spine?
These asanas are very good for spinal column. With this one can add chakrasana and paschimottanasana and hastapaadasna and slowly start doing surya namaskars.

Is yoga all about about flexibility?
No. Its a complete holistic approach. It helps to energize your body and relax your mind. and also combat the chronic diseases.

Namaste madam Sangeetaji. I am male age 41years. I can hardly touch my toes standing or sitting straight. I want to make myself flexible. Please suggest something.
You can start by simple and basic asanas like Janushirshasana, tadasana, forward bending asanas and slowly your spinal column and the muscles around your spinal column will become more flexible and then you can gently push into slightly advanced asanas. With practice you will be able to make your body more flexible. Its better to consult an experty before you start practicing yoga.

Any particular asana that can improve my son’s memory and performance in studies?
Thre are pranayams like Bhraamari, anulom-vilom and certain mudras like dyaan mudra or gyaan mudra. There are some balancing asanas that can improve their neuro muscular co-ordination and memory. Please consult an yoga expert for your child.

Can you please name some asanas that can be easily practised by children?
Tadasana, padmasana, Bhadrasana. The asanas should be enjoyed by children and should be easily adaptable by them.

What is the right age for children to start doing yoga asanas?
Yoga can be introduced to toddlers too but the main asanas and pranayams should be introduced to children above 8yrs of age.

Minimum how many years experience is ideal to start teaching Yoga?
First you need to get through the proper teacher’s training course and being certified you can start teaching yoga and with exposure and experience the knowledge would be profound.

Hi Madam Sangeeta.I have been practising yoga since 18yrs at home. I want to take up Yoga as a career. Pl guide.
For teaching yoga you need to do a teacher’s training course in Yoga education from some renowned university or institute. In Mumbai there is one in Santacruz east and there is Kewalyadham main centre at Lonavala.

Is ashtanga yoga very tough to practice and needs a supervisor?
Its not tough but the beginners are advised to do it under expert supervision.

Can anyone practice ashtanga yoga?

Hello. how is ashtanga yoga different madam?
ASHTANGA YOGA IS A HOLISTIC APPROACH. I t deals with your mind body and spirit.

What have I to remember before I start doing yoga?
You have to be empty stomach, preferably yoga should be done during the morning, clothing which you wear has to be comfortable. place where you do yoga should not be of extreme climate, like too hot, too airy or too cold.

I am woman age 33yrs. My body is very stiff. Have never exercised. I want to start yoga exercises. How to make my body more flexible before starting yoga?
The yoga itself helps to elastify your muscles as well as the stiffness on its own will disappear as you begin doing yoga. There are certain asanas for the spinal column like tadasana , chakrasana and paschimottanasana.

Hi,Madam,I am 52 years old.Request you to suggest any yoga exercise for improving eyesight.Do you have any workshops/ centres in Pune.Of late ,I have lost interest with life.Are there any specific yogasanas to rejuvenate & motivate myself .
There are asanas as well as a kriya called Tratak by which one can improve the short sightedness and the long sightedness. Even some minute defects in the retina can be cured through this. No I do not have any centres in Pune. Once you start breathing correctly the oxygen level in your body helps you to concentrate and rejuvenate. There are several asanas by which one can be motivated like yogamudra, parvatasana. This helps you to gain the confidence also.