Yoga enhances gynecological health: Dr. Sharma

Dr_02_240x240Dr. Himani Sharma has completed her Diplomate National Board (New Delhi) Obstetrics & Gynecology in 2007. For further training and experience she joined as Senior Registrar in Public Hospital at Mumbai and later also worked at Tata Memorial Hospital, Mumbai.

She has over 6 years of successful clinical experience after post­graduation. Her clinical specialities include maternity antenatal care, painless delivery, hysterectomy, myomectomy, infertility counsellings, treatment of polycystic ovarian disease, menstrual disorders and menopausal disorders.

Dr. Himani Sharma answered Sify readers’ queries related to the above in an exclusive chat. Read the transcript below.

Dear Doctor, I am trying for 2 child since last 1 year, but not been able to conceive. My age is 40 and have regular periods. Kindly advice
Considering the age and as you have already tried for one year, you and your husband both need to get infertility work up done.

My mother has been getting a lot of boils, somewhat like heat-boils on her hip and vagina lately, is this a menopausal disorder?
No. She needs a check for blood sugar and then have a local examination done.

Does Painless delivery has any complications or side-effects in later life?
No side effects for this pregnancy as well as for later life.

dr does one get any symptoms for fibroids?????????
Yes. Symptoms can be in the form of heavy bleeding during menses, longer duration of menses, severe pain throughout the menses or pressure symptoms like constipation or urinary retention.

Mam, i am 34 years, i always have white discharge when am not in periods, why is this, what has to be done for this?
White discharge after the menses, before the menses and at mid-cycle is normal. It is due toi excessive glandular secretions in vagina. If the vaginal discharge is foul smelling associated with itching and pain then it may be infected and you need to get it checked.

I am six week and 2 days pregnant with my first.I start to feel swollen down in my vagina.I was wondering if this was a normal acne or do I need to consult doctor? Any help is greatly appreciated.
This is not a normal sign of pregnancy. You need a gynaec check up.

Is Urinary Infections a cause of concern?
Yes. They are more common in diabetes, recurrent infection can cause infection of the entire urinary tract. Can also involve the kidneys.

Is a routine annual STD Screening important? Can you help me with what does an STD Screening include?
If you have multiple sexual partners, unprotected intercourse it is recommended on routine annual basis. It includes gynaec examination, male partner’s private part examination, blood test for both like HIV, Hepititis B, C, and VDRL.

I have observed a lot of women complaining about vaginal itching, Why does it itch? is it normal or something to be worried about?
It is a sign of fungal vaginal infection. You should have a gynaec check up done.

My periods are often very painful, should I consult a doctor or is it normal to experience pain during periods?
If pain is continuing throughout menses even after taking a painkiller then get a gynaec check up done.

With breast cancer in mind, how should I check my breasts?
Stand in front of the mirror exposing both the breasts. Then raise one hand above your head and then with the flat palm of the other hand you have to feel for any lumps or swelling in all the four quadrants of the breast taking the nipple as the centre point. Repeat this with other breast also. It should be done monthly after menses.

Dr. my age is 43yrs. Ihad a miscarriage last year can i conceive at the age of health is fine but i am taking thyroid problem .i take thynorm 75mg.and this month i ha my periods twice. kindly advice
You can become pregnant. Your thyroid level should be controlled to prevent early abortion.

I have been diagnosed with PCOS. What are the risks during pregnancy for me?
It is the most common cause for infertility so becoming pregnant itself is a challenge. In PCOS the patients are at a higher risk for early abortions developing gestational diabetes, having twins and premature delivery.

What kind of exercises enhance gynecological health, cardio, yoga or weight training? Or only brisk walking is enough?
Yoga is the best.

How do scented items harm gynecological health?
They increase the chances of fungal and bacterial vaginal infections.

Should soaps or any other skin care with essence be completely avoided for gynecological health?
You should avoid because there are vaginal washes available in the market which are mild and free of any harmful chemicals.

Are there any risk factors attached to heavy periods?
It can cause anaemia, it can be a sign of a uterine or ovarian pathology like fibroids , cyst or genital cancers.

What are the other contraceptive methods available today?
Oral contraceptive pills, intra uterine contraceptive devices, injections and family planning option.

I am a 33yrs married female. Give me some advise on the consumption of oral contraceptives. Is it safe?
Low dose OC pills are quite safe now days. You can take them for 3-4 yrs in continuation if you don’t have hypertension, diabetes, obesity and heart problems.

Within how many days span should self breast examination be done?
Ans: Every month after the menses.

Please give some suggestion for self breast examination.
Stand in front of the mirror exposing both the breasts. Then raise one hand above your head and then with the flat palm of the other hand you have to feel for any lumps or swelling in all the four quadrants of the breast taking the nipple as the centre point. Repeat this with other breast also. It should be done monthly after menses.

why do some women get painful periods whereas some do not get pain at all?
Pain which happens on the first day of menses is normal but the pain which continues throughout the menses can be pathological due to fibroids, ovarian cysts. So you need to site for help for the same.

Do hot flashes only indicate menopause?
Hot flashes itself is a symptom of menopause but it could be associated to hypothyroidism and diabetes too.

Any general tips for good gynaec health?
Keep your private parts dry. Site for early help if you have any symptoms of vaginal infections or menstrual disorders.

Are there any vaccinations for young girls to avoid gynaec disorders?
There is vaccine to prevent cancer cervix. The age group recommended is 9 yrs to 45 yrs.

I am 4 months pregnant. What all should I avoid for an uncomplicated delivery and a healthy baby?
You need to have proper check ups for blood sugar, blood pressure, proper weight gain every month to detect any high risk condition. And treat it accordingly.Dr_01_240x240

What is the ideal weight gain by a pregnant woman in 9 months of pregnancy?
11 to 12 kgs in whole 9 months.

How is painless delivery conducted?
This is known as epidural analgesia. A pain killer injection is given into the epidural space of the spinal chord which doesn’t stop the uterine contractions but decreases your perceptions of pain during contractions.

Hi Dr. Himani. My daughter is 26yrs. She is soon going to deliver a baby. Is 7months pregnant. Your advise to her.
Have regular antenatal visits to a gynaecologist . It should be a supervised hospital delivery.

What kind of health disorders arise due to irregular periods?
anaemia, fibroids, ovarian cysts, uterine-ovarian or cervical cancers.

What are the symptoms of vaginal infection?
Foul smelling, purulent vaginal discharge, itching in the private parts, pain during intercourse in abdomen.

What is the right age to go for a gynaec check?
Once you are sexually active.

I am 44 yrs female. I still do not have a baby. I am planning for IUI next month. Is it the right age to conceive a child?
There are risks involved with the elderly pregnant patients but all those are manageable so you could go ahead with an IUI or IVF.

Can infertility be treated by medications?
Depends on the cause of infertility.

What are the complications that can occur due to infertility?
Risk of ovarian cancer, risk of fibroids, hypertension, obesity, diabetes and heart diseases.

Is infertility related to our genes doctor?
No usually.

What are estrogen levels doctor Himani and how does it affect a woman?
Estrogen is a hormone secreted from ovary. Its levels are monitored to see your fertility.

Are there any risks involved in hormone therapy? Thanks M’am.
Yes. It has to be given a minimum dose for a minimum duration under the the gynaecologist supervision.

When is the hormone therapy advised?
If the patient has premature menopause before the age of 40yrs or surgical menopause or a post menopausal patient has a high risk of menopausal symptoms.

What are the symptoms of ovarian cysts doctor?

And what are the reasons behind the emotional changes that woman witnesses during menopause?
No exact reason sited yet. These are hormonal changes and the emotional changes can be in a form of IRRATABILITY, ANXIETY, DEPRESSION, MOOD SWINGS.

Madam I am 47yrs female.I want to know that does menopause lead to bone loss?How?
After menopause ovarian function stops so there is a lack of ovarian hormones mainly estrogen which is required for calcium and vitamin D absorption in bones. So calcium and Vitamin D has to be supplemented from outside to prevent bone loss.

Are fibroids genetic?
Yes to some extent.

Do fibroids disappear post menopause?
They don’t grow further in size. They might decrease in size over a period of years but not disappear.

When are fibroids considered dangerous?
There are 2 criteria’s first the patient is symptomatic if it causes excessive bleeding or pain during menses. Secondly the size of the fibroid is big enough to put pressure on the adjacent organs like bladder and bowel.

Is there a way to avoid fibroid development?
Early marriage, early child bearing, weight control, breast feeding and healthy diet are advised.

Hello Dr. This is for my friend. Can you give some advise on the daily care post hysterectomy?
For one and a half months after surgery she should avoid any heavy weight lifting, climbing stairs and avoid intercourse. On daily basis surgical would care should be taken. Walking and daily routine activities are advised. Diet should be healthy and light.

Why does blood clotting occur during periods? It tends to make me feel weak.
It can be because of any utrine cause like fibroids in the uterus or cyst in the ovaries or it can be simply due to hormonal imbalance of uterus, hypothyroidism. If blood loss is causing weakness get investigated for the cause.

Is it true that one should not eat papaya before and during menstrual cycle?
No studies available. You can eat papaya.

Is it normal to menstruate only for one and a half to 2 days? Menstruation cycle is normal and on time.
Its normal unless you are not having any bloating or heaviness sensation.

Doctor how to cut down on water retention before periods?
Its because of hormonal changes bloating sensation in the body before menses. There are various medications available with evening primrose oils, eg: capsule eposoft to be taken once daily for 3 months. Increase soya protein in your diet.

Hi, pls suggest measures to stop vomiting during pregnancy,
There is no method to stop vomiting. Its a physiological reflex. The patient has to take small and frequent meals every hourly to prevent gastric reflex. The patient has to use home remedies like ginger lozenges, cloves and cinnamon. There are various anti vomiting tablets which patients can take half an hour before meals.