Yoga helps you gain flexibility: Mr.Raman

Mr.Raman Mishra has been practising yoga for 8 years. His is an expert in Natural yoga, Ashtanga yoga and Iyengar yoga. He is a Bachelor in Naturopathy and Yogic Science from Madras university.

His areas of interest lies in utilising Yoga for healing various health issues such as diabetes, blood-Pressure, back-Pain, knee-Pain, obesity, stress management, fat loss / weight loss and depression.

Raman answered Sify readers’ queries related to the above in an exclusive chat. Read the transcript below.

Please suggest some yogasanas which could be practiced by females before menses to curb mood swings. Thanks for your advice. Good Day.

Practicing Garuda Pose, Parvatasana, Tadasana etc balancing poses helps.

Does Yoga help more in inch loss or weight loss? Can you name some yogasanas that can be more effective for inch loss?

Practicing whole Yoga will help you. I’ve already given name of postures.

What is the right age for a child to begin Yoga classes?

After 12 yrs of age.

Please advice some yogasana for flat tummy, how many times a week it should be followed and how many repititons?

you can start practicing Surya Namskar at least for 5-10 rounds, practice forward bend ie Paschimottan Asana, Janu Shirsha Asana, Vakrasana, Matsyendra Asana, Bhoomi Naman Asana, Cobra Pose, Dog Pose, Plank pose etc. Hold each postures atleast for 30 seconds. If you can practice for six days in a week, taking one day to rest, or atleast for thrice in a week.

Good afternoon Ramanji, Please suggest some yogasanas which can help my wife in conceiving. We are planning a child this year.

Good afternoon Jeetuchandra Ji, doing whole yoga regularly will help your wife.

This is for my wife, can she take up yogic exercises during pregnancy? Upto which month of pregnancy can she practice it?

Hi, your wife can do prenatal yoga upto sixth month of her pregnancy, and it is must to practice yoga in a perfect guidance.

My self subir , age 34, i have problem with (confusion) , i do some pranayam but it is not to overrid the confusion.

Hi Subir, please do pranayama in guidance of good yoga instructor, who will help you to override your confusion. Maybe you doing something wrong, correcting them will help you.

Please name some yogasanas for anxiety and depression.

For anxiety and depression, you can practice whole postures, and do pranayama atleast for 30 minutes, that will help you.

Hi, Is it necessary to do surya namaskara fast or can we do in our own speed. I am not able to do it fast. I used to go for yoga classes and I couldn’t match the speed of others.

Hi Nivi, it is not necessary to do surya namaskar fast, and it should not be done, otherwise you tend to forget some posture, tend to do wrong. It will be better advisable that surya namaskar should be done slowly, attaining each posture for atleast 3 seconds. That gives more benefit than doing it fast.

Is it important to practice Yoga everyday?

Yes if you can manage, whats better than that !!! Otherwise atleast thrice in a week.

I am an Athlete too, how can Yoga help in my performance levels?

Performing yoga asana increase flexibility, strengthens bones and, performing pranayama, will help you to increase your lung capacity.

Are there any strict guidelines meant for the Beginners in Yoga?

Yes, for beginners it will be good if they start practicing yoga in a supervision of good yoga instructor.

Please share some health benefits of Pranayama

Pranayama, means to control / to regulate breathing. It helps to clear our respiratory organs, helps to increase lung capacity, distresses our mind, purifies our mind, gives more maturity to our brain etc.

What type of diseases are generally cured by doing regular Yoga?

With yoga diseases like, cold, cough, viral fever, diabetes, blood pressure, cervical problems, lower back pain, knee pain, migraine, headache, sleep problems, depression etc can be treated.

Is there any age limit for doing Yoga?

No, actually there is no limit on age to do yoga, but for children, it is good to start practicing yoga after the age of 12, after there full body development.

Can a person do yoga when he or she is suffering from knee pain?

Hi, yes, can do, but in a supervision only.

Do I have to be very health oriented, that is be a Vegan to practice Yoga?

Yes, if you can manage, otherwise it is not necessary.

What is the right breathing pattern while practicing yogasanas?

Hi Yuvi, the right breathing pattern while doing yoga is, when you stretch your body then inhale and when you compress your body or when you bend forward then exhale. The best will be natural and normal breathing.

I am 50 yrs old working woman. Since the last one year i experience knee pain constantly and using the knee caps during day time. Pls advice how cure this.. thank you !

Hi, getting knee pain at this age is common, if it is severe then please consult to your doctor. Alternatively you can practice Walking on your Toes for few minutes, try to strengthen your front thigh muscles by doing leg raises in lying posture. Try to keep a low height pillow below your heels by stretching your leg forward, while on bed. For more consult with your yoga instructor.

Please the names of some yogasanas for lower back pain and shoulder pain.

Please check with your doctor first, if the pain is related to stress, you can practice Namaskar Pose, Cobra pose, Dhanurasana, SetuBandha Asana, Supta Vajrasana etc for back pain, and for shoulder pain you can do arm rotation. Please do all these posses only if your sholder pain permits.

How can one decide on a good Yoga tutor? What points should be considered before selecting a Yoga teacher?

Hi, a good yoga tutor can help you to solve your various problems whereas a not so qualified yoga tutor will worsen your problems. You can consider points like, by how many years he/she is practicing yoga (at least by 3 yrs), from where he/she has earned his/her certification (consider for good reputed institute). To learn yoga completely and master over it, it takes atleast 2-3 years. Avoid those yoga tutor who say they did some 3-4 months of certification.

My sensitive areas for fat accumulation have always been my Obliques and face, can you please suggest some yogasanas for reducing the fat in these areas?

Hi Manisha, its not like that you can work on some part of your body to reduce fat from that area. Start practicing yoga with atleast 10-15 reps of suryanamaskar, will help you to reduce fat. Alternately you can practice face yoga ie movements of your face muscles.

Is Yoga all about postures?

As I said earlier yoga has eight limbs that should be followed in accordance. They are Yama (Social rules)-> Niyama (Body Rules)-> Pranayama (Breathing Rules)-> Asana-> Pratyahar (Good food)-> Dharana (Concentration)-> Dhyan (Meditation)-> Samadhi (Ultimate Goal). So yoga is just not about postures.

Hello Raman, I want to know some basic yogasanas for old people which can keep them active?

Hello, you can start practicing light yogic exercises like neck rotations, arm rotation, leg rotation, Parvatasana, Garud Pose, Gaj Mudra, Vakrasana, Matsyendra Asana, Namaskar pose, Cobra Pose, Marjarasana etc, and in Pranayama Kapalbhati, Anuloma-Viloma can be practiced. Please avoid kapalbhati if you have problem of high blood pressure.

Pls let me now the best yoga remedy for stress, fat loss and depression

Practicing yoga whole will help you in solving your problems.

My urine flow is very poor and obstructed due to blader neck obstruction….can i be improved and surgery delayed ?

Please check with your doctor first if they allow then you can practice Shatkarma ( Body purifying and cleansing program ).

Is it best to practice yoga everyday or alternate days?

It is good to do yoga everyday, but if you are doing yoga on alternate days, is also good. It is better to do thrice in a week than never.

Is yoga advisable to women while menstruation?

No, yoga should be avoided during MC.

Yoga is a very calm form of exercise then how does it help in fat burning?

Yoga does not helps you to gain or loose weight, actually it makes your body in proper position suiting to you personality. Although to increase the process of weight loss one can start practicing suryanamaskar for 15-20 times.

Can I drink water during yoga?

You can drink water atleast half-an-hour before doing yoga, while doing yoga one should avoid drinking water or eating. If necessary you can take sip of water.

Any yogasanas for hair loss?

Hair loss occurs mostly due to stress, you can do pranayama to relax your mind, and in asanas you can do- Shirsha-Asana, Sarvanga-Asana, Halasana, Setubandha-Asana, Chakrasana etc.

Does yoga help towards Spirituality? If yes then how?

In our ancient time, yoga were used to gain higher spirituality. Actually the meaning of yoga is to add ones Atman(jiva) to Param-Atman(Parmatma ie GOD). Yoga helps to purify ones Mind-Body-Soul, so that he/she can reach upto Parmatma.

Which is the best form of yoga that one should practice for weight loss?

For weight loss you can practice Ashtanga-Vinyasa yoga. And please get good yoga instructor who knows this form in better way.

There are various books on yoga available today. Is it advisable to follow them alone to practice yogic exercises? Or does one need a Qualified Instructor?

Yes you can follow them if you are aware of basics of yoga, otherwise it will be wise if you choose a good yoga instructor, who will correct you if you do something wrong.

What is the difference between Natural yoga and Power yoga?

Actually natural yoga is what is written in Hatha Yoga Pradeepika by Patanjali to gain more spirituality and to purify ones body and mind, and power yoga is a modern form of yoga, in which people tend to do more of asanas and exercises to loose weight and gain more flexibility. however Natural Yoga is considered as the best form yoga.

Is meditation a part of yoga?

Yes ofcourse, actually meditation is the seventh limb of yoga, and it is must to do meditation for atleast few minutes to relax mind, and gain more consciousness towards Brahman(GOD).

Hi Ramanji, I am not flexibile enough. How can I work on my flexibility enhancement?

Hi there, if you are doing yoga regularly, will help you to gain flexibility, you can do Vakrasana, Matsyendra-Asana, Vajrasana, Matsya-Asana etc.

I am suffering from Sleep Apnea. I would like to know the yogasana to cure sleep apnea. Best Regards. R.K.Kalawatia

Sleep Apnea occurs due to stress, you can start doing yoga and pranayama whole, will help you lot. Do sarvangaasana, Hala-asana, Supta Vajrasana, and in Pranayama you can do Anuloma-Viloma to distress your mind.

My wife aged 60 with 5′ and 72 kg has knee pain. Is there any yogic exercise and dos and donts in food for the cure or control?

Ans: Hi there, your wife should work on lowering her weight atleast upto 50-55 in between, then only the knee pain will go down gradually, u can tell her to do some light postures like Supta vajrasana, or do some of the suryanamaskar if she can, please tell her to try to avoid oily foods, control on dairy products.