Yoga Q&A: Be healthy with yoga

Yoga expert, Vipul Ijari answers Sify readers’ questions on yoga for health. Get your doubts cleared and see them featured on our FAQ page every Wednesday.

1. How to do stomach to become flat which yoga should do

Establish healthy routines—diet, sleep and posture.

·Breathing and concentration through asana pranayamas and kriyas.

·Yogic relaxation.

·Following yogic way of life.

Flat abs would be a byproduct.

All the best and God bless.

2. My wife is 39 yrs, with a flat foot, some times back some doctors advised for slipper

with support for flat foot. She used it for approx 2-3 months, but after some time knee joint pain and back pain started. However on advice of doctor she did some exercises for back pain, which vanished soon. But knee joint pain is still there. She is diabetic and controlled by medicine. She tried several medicines and exercise but not to avail. Please suggest remedy for the same.

M S Khan

Please mention more details – weight, height , diabetic since.. any orthopedic issues?
Work on lifestyle changes. All asanas that work on the lower half of the body should be helpful.

All the best and God bless.

3. Sir, I am 74 yrs. due to diabetics, aroused due to tension etc. has detoriated my health considerably. I have tried every healthy food with support of dry fruits. Still continuing my morning/evening walk. I am ashamed of my poor body structure and cuts a very sorry figure. What is the perfect remedies to look somewhat healthy. My weight is 66 kgs. as against 75 kgs. The height is 5.4kgs. Pl help me coming out of this.

There has been a strong link between blood sugar levels and lifestyle, attitude and conceptions.

Chronic emotional stress or emotional shock can play as much havoc with a diabetic’s blood sugar.

Stress can make or break you. The secret is adaptability.

· Establish healthy routines—diet, sleep and posture.

· Regular tests

· Emotional implications of the disease and how to overcome anxiety and swings in blood sugar levels.

· Exercising spine and various muscles of the body.

· Breathing and concentration through asana pranayamas and kriyas.

· Yogic relaxation.

· Following yogic way of life.

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