Yoga Q&A: Core strengthening poses

Yoga expert, Trisha Maharaj Singh answers readers’ questions on yoga. Get your doubts cleared and see them featured on our FAQ page every Friday.
This week’s answers:

1. Hello Madam Trisha, Any asanas or pranayams to cure stomach upset, indigestion, constipation and gas, liver problems and prostrate enlargement.
Hi. For an upset stomach, indigestion and gas do – vajrasan, jathara parivartanasan; for constipation, do paschimuttanasan; for the liver – dandasan, viparita dandasan; for prostrate – supta baddhakonasan.

2. I have been practising a few asanas for over 2 years now. I find even beginning poses to be difficult. How long will this take to get resolved?
Hi. It depends how stiff you are, what body type you are. If you have too much vatta in your body, it probably takes you longer to warm up. Do few warm up asanas to start your practise.

3. hi trisha. Please suggest asanas for flexibility. I am a regular tennis player and like to keep my body supple.
Hi. If you play tennis you need to watch your lower spine so do setubandhasan, paschimuttanasan and marichyasan for overall stretching and relief.

4. I am practising poses like tree pose for core strengthening. Is this right/safe?
Hi.the tree pose-vrkshasan is safe and energising but for your core you should do more supta dandasan and navasan.

5. dear trisha, I am in my 1st trimester. Can I do yoga? If so what are the asanas I should start with?
Hi. you can do few standing poses like trikonasan, vrkshasan, virbhadrasan.

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