Yoga: Excess of pranayamas not healthy

Vipul Ijari, Director of Supreme Yoga, specializes in yoga education, philosophy and psychology.

Having mastered the therapeutic values of yoga at The Yoga Institute, he helps people manage weight loss issues, cardiovascular problems, respiratory, orthopaedic, gastrointestinal and diabetic disorders with yoga. He is also adept at handling stress with yoga.

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Dear Sir,

I am the regular practitioner of below Pranayam for last 2.5 years:

Bhastrika — 3 to 5 minutes
Kapalbhati – 10 minutes
bhahya pranayam – 3 times
agnisaar – 3 times
Ujjayi – 3 times
Anulom – Vilom – 10 minutes
Bhramari – 3 to 4 times
Also doing some “Sukasham Vyayam” along with.

It seems me that due to Yoga, I am loosing my weight regularly which feels me bad but even can’t leave the yoga, as I afraid if I leave the Yoga, some disease will caught me.

My particulars is as under:

Age: 33 Years
Sex: Male
Height: 5ft 8.5 Inches
Weight: 61 Kg’s
Profession: Salaried (Private Job)

Please advise me so that I can gain some weight around 70 Kg’s.

Looking forward to hear from you.


Dear Kewal,

It seems the pranayamas you do are too much for you at one go. I would suggest ,

1) Avoid Agnisaar temporarily.
2) Bhastrika not more than 1 min.
3) Kaplbhati not more than 3 mins.
4) Anulom Vilom for 5 mins. ( No holding of breath )
5) Shavasana 5-10 mins.

Please practice Asanas atleast for 25- 30 mins before Pranayams.Excess of pranayams can imbalance PH levels in the body.Every session of Asanas pranayams and kriyas should leave you with a more relaxed, composed,inward, aware state of mind and supple body.

For your age your BMI appears to be ideal.

All the best and God bless.

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