Yoga Q&A: How to treat rheumatoid arthritis

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This week’s answers:

1. Namaste Trishaji, I am 47 and has done yoga seriously for 09 years between 18-27 year of my age. I am 105 kg right now, and, has constantly put on weight since my marriage in 1994.I have tried to restart Yoga/Pranayam practise in my everyday life several times during last few years,each time I loose steam and give up after 1-2 months.and i keep good control over my diet during the months i practice Yoga,but, lose control once i give up my practice. Please suggest some Asana/Pranayam for concentration, so i can add Yoga practice for ever in my life. I still have good flexibility in my body to perform some of the difficult asanas.
Harish Rijhwani
It seems you have a tendency to be inconsistent…It is alright to stop for a while if your routine
does not permit it. However, you can try to stick to just 20 minutes of yoga and pranayam a day
so that you don’t drop it completely – 20minutes a day is better than 2 hours for few months and
then nothing. Anulom vilom pranayam is very good to calm you and tratak practise is very good to discipline the mind.

2. Hi, could you please suggest me some yoga to reduce the back fat. My body is in normal shape but my back is looking so odd.
Do chaturanga dandasan in the surya namaskar, at least 12 per day and try to do half hand stand under the supervision of a teacher.

3. Is there any yoga to reduce cholesterol (LDL) and increase HDL
vaidhee eswaran

Hamstring stretches, uttanasan, sputa padangustasan, pashimuttanasan.

4. Hi, am suffering from rheumatoid arthritis with ankylosing spondylitis, eating lots of tablets got gastritis problem hence my stomach is looking very big as my ht is only 5.4. is there any yoga to help these? please suggest.
V.R. Sunderakrishnan
You should go walking in a pool for half an hour as it helps the joints and is good exercise. Also do standing poses in a supervised yoga class. It will give you more relief than medicines. For your neck, keep your chin closest to the throat.

5. I am married and 27. I have PCOD since past 10 years and unable to lose weight, can’t walk as I have chondromalcia of patella. I weigh 64.5kgs and height is 158cms. What should be my ideal weight?
You need to work under a physiotherapist or a medical Iyengar Yoga class. This is something you have to take care of and its not about weight it is about being well. Knees carry you through life and you are very young. I would suggest you seriously commit to taking care and get your self a good physiotherapist and find a good Iyengar medical class in your city.

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