Yoga Q&A: Manage PMS pain with yoga

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This week’s answers:

1. I Mrs Anuradha got ur article about yoga.It was really nice,so i want to take some advice from u.i am suffering from neck spondilites. I listen some yoga postures are there, so if u kindly advice as well as send some photograph of yoga postures for this.
Hi. You should watch your posture. Keep your chin parallel to the ground. Rotate your shoulders. Turn your head from left to right. Do this all day. Do not roll your head backwards as it will further squash your cervical vertabrae.

2. My name ravindra male 23 years old. i have a problem that my back is too large to see. i feel guilty to go outside with this problem. please suggest a solution for my problem. thanking you sir.
ravindra reddy
Hi. Why are you guilty? Many people have a larger trunk and spine. Instead of feeling bad, improve your posture – stand straight, value your body, be greatful. There are people who don’t have arms and legs. Your problem is not a problem but the way you see yourself is a problem. Work on loving yourself.

3. Hi Trisha. Please suggest asana for back pain with disc bulges. i had a fall 10 days ago and having pain since then. diagnosed disc bulges.
Hi there. Sleep on your back or side not stomach at all. Lie on your back with legs up on a wall.bend your knees and lift your hips up just a bit. Do this few times of the day. And rest rest rest.

4. Hello Trisha, what yoga can we do to manage PMS pain?
Hi. You can do supta baddhakon asan and paschimuttanasan, janu sirshasan and savasan.

5. i am 21 years old. i have a allergic rhinitis which gets worse in the rainy season starting next month. please suggest some yoga to reduce my problem. anulom vilom pranayam every day starting today for 5-10minutes.also you can do surya namskars around 6-12 to generate more pitta in your body so the sinuses remain free.

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