Yoga Q&A: Practice yoga 40 days post c-section

Vipul Ijari, Director of Supreme Yoga, specializes in yoga education, philosophy and psychology.

Having mastered the therapeutic values of yoga at The Yoga Institute, he helps people manage weight loss issues, cardiovascular problems, respiratory, orthopaedic, gastrointestinal and diabetic disorders with yoga. He is also adept at handling stress with yoga.

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Dear Sir,

I am doing Anulom Vilom for 20 mins for the last one year.i also do some kapal bhanti for 5 mins.i am still not getting much benefit.Can Yoga cure Piles?


S K Sinha

Mr. S K Sinha,

It is difficult to suggest a yoga exercise plan , without knowing your routines, diet, lifestyle strengths and weakness.

What benefits are you looking for with the mentioned practices that you do? Yes , provided you understand yoga from a holistic perspective, and apply the techniques accordingly.

All the best and God Bless.


I am 22 yrs old of 75 kg weight with big tummy. i have cesarean delivery before 8 months .kya mai yoga kar Sakti hu..plz suggest me easy diet plan and yoga aasans plz plz plz ………


Ms Nisha Yadav,

Typically one can start yoga practices 40days post C- section if no complications.

It is difficult to prescribe a particular diet/ exercise plan without knowing your routines,diet ,lifestyle.Please visit a good dietitian.

All the best and God Bless.

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