Yoga Q&A: Role of diet in yoga

Yoga expert, Trisha Maharaj Singh answers readers’ questions on yoga. Get your doubts cleared and see them featured on our FAQ page every Friday.
This week’s answers:

1. Iwant to lose upto 6 kgs can u suggest any particular asans and how fast can i see the results.
Weight loss is something u have to put your mind to and then discipline the body. Eat an early dinner, nothing after7pm, drink lots of water n eat fruit n vegetables to clean your stomach. All asanas help weight loss if done correctly with proper breathing focus. Do 12 surya namaskaras each day and standing asanas.

2. dear trisha, any asana to treat backpain?
You may do setubandhasan,adhomukha svanasan and half bhujangasan.

3. hi. I have twisted varicose veins in my legs for the past 10 years. Is there any corrective pose?
You should do hampstring stretches every day, rotate your feet and lie on your back with your legs up on a wall for ten minutes.

4. hello trisha, I am 23 yrs old. Ht is 5ft 8 and weight is 60 kgs. I would like to put on more weight. Pl help
Try to eat every 2 hours and do some basic asanas to stimulate hunger and a higher metabolic rate.

5. hi. Does diet play a role in effectiveness of yoga for general health
Proper nutrition helps your mind to remain clear and clean. so yes diet does help to keep up energy levels so u can do your asanas with more precision.

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