Yoga Q&A: Yoga creates harmony of the mind

Yoga expert, Trisha Maharaj Singh answers readers’ questions on yoga. Get your doubts cleared and see them featured on our FAQ page every Friday.
I do not believe in God. Will yoga work for me?
Yoga does open the mind by working on the nervous system. This can help to be more open to the force of life, which is greater than us. You can call this force god or the parmatma or the creator. However, you cannot force this. So be open, Live from your heart and who knows what beliefs you may discover!

I am a very stressed person. Can I attain peace by meditating or yoga?
Yes you can. Yoga releases the stress from the nerves and muscles and helps to neutralise nerve impulses creating peace and harmony of body and mind.

Is it a must to be a vegetarian while practising yoga?
It is not a compulsion. A vegetarian diet is easier on the digestive system but it is your choice. If you are vegetarian, make sure you eat enough proteins in other forms.

Hi Trisha, my husband is overweight and does not believe yoga can help him lose weight. Any advice for him?
Ask him to do yoga for 3 months. Yoga fastens metabolism so it does help.

My daughter suffers from adenoids. What kind of asan will help her?
Sarvangasan and twisting poses like ardhamatsyenmdrasan, marichyasan. This is to drain the excess fluid from the lymphoid tissues.
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