Yoga Q&A: Does pranayama prevent BP?

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This week’s answers:

1. Dr Trisha,Greetings,I am 42 yrs old male. My questions are:1. Does doing pranayama reduce/prevent BP?
Yes it helps reduce bp as it purifies the nerves with the channeling of breath.

1a.. If breathing execerses reduce BP what is the no. of times one should do “KAPALBHATHI”?
Kapalbhati is not recommended for high is better to do anulom vilom pranayam.

1b. Will “ANULOMA- VILOMA” help in preventing Diabetis and BP?
Yes as I ve mentioned above.

2. I m 35 years old and practising power yoga from last 1 year. now 2-3months before i recognized high blood pressure. can I continue power yoga.
What are your eating habits? And your weight? If you do power yoga with precise instructions and follow them and also eat sensibly, no red meats, more fruit and vegetables and lots of water and good sleep, you should have no reason to create imbalances in your system.

3. I am practicing yoga and doing pranayama max 30 min but am not losing weight i had hypothyroid problem am not losing weight am gaining i dont know why? Am non-veg weekly we ate only once in a week 6 months back am only 65kg now am 76 kg and height is 5.3 inches plz give me the advice
Your weight is up due to the thyroid malfunctioning. I suggest you go to a therapy class and learn sarvangasan, setubandhasan, halasan, anulom vilom and ujjai pranayam. When strong and fit and with guidance only, you can start sirshasan. If you cannot go to a class, do only the pranayam I have suggested and setubandhasan.

4. does yoga cause stress to joints. How to ensure this doesn’t happen
Yoga is a therapy for all the muscles, joints, cells, nerves, organs and tissues. However, if you are careless, you can strain joints if the muscles are not well developed. So reduce the time of each asan to help muscles slowly develop without straining the joints.

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