Zumba – Dance your way to health

This high-energy dance workout is a fun way to get fit!

How Zumba came into prominence

Professional dancer and choreographer Alberto “Beto” Perez developed Zumba in Colombia towards the late 1990s when he came to his aerobics class and realised that he had forgotten his music. He conducted an impromptu class to the tune of international music that he was carrying in his bagpack, including styles like salsa, meringue, reggaeton and others, leading to a non-traditional class that formed an energetic mix between dance and aerobics fitness routines. This became a hit and grew in popularity and soon Zumba evolved into the internationally accepted regimen it is today.

Zumba offers a range of workouts tailored for specific audiences based on their needs. This has given the workout the ‘something for everyone’ tag and contributes to its increasing following.

Zumba helps improve muscle control and tone, flexibility, overall fitness and even body sculpting. Aimed at working out and having fun in tandem, Zumba’s fitness routines are a first choice for many in search of a fitter body and healthier state of being.

Music and Zumba

Often marketed as a way to party yourself into shape, the Zumba is exhilarating and offers a range of routines for specific audiences. Music is integral to Zumba and the Latin form of dance and music is what drives this highly energetic, cardio fitness program. The musical score, created with specific beats, tempo changes, offers an all round workout from one toning, strengthening or cardio move to another, thus targeting every major muscle group in the body.

Health benefits of Zumba

The influence of Beto’s Latin roots and culture is unmistakable and has offered people an energising, lively and interactive workout.

  • It works out the entire body, giving you a firmer torso and back.
  • It maintains a healthy form and tone and is a sure shot calorie burner.
  • The music contributes to the person’s mental state and helps induce relaxation driven by innovative and invigorating movements.
  • It’s highly sought after since it’s fun and also involves a wholesome workout.
  • You get to learn how to dance!

Zumba fitness routines are spread across a range of instructional media – right from classes/sessions at gyms, dance and fitness studios to ‘do it at home’ DVDs. Influenced by a spectrum of dance styles, this comprehensive program ensures a complete body work out purely on a fitness level. There are certified Zumba instructors and centres established the world over, including India. So dance, have fun and get fit!

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